Mosiem Consulting pulls from 30 years of experience in the building industry to help your construction company get recognized. From your estimates, online presence, and client communications – we know what it takes to get your proposals noticed by the larger contractors and build your name.

We understand how hard it can be for a small operation to make that next leap. With years of experience in Preconstruction departments of major General Contractors and Developers – we know that your proposal and communication during the estimating phase makes all the difference.

ESTIMATING:¬†Our specialty is construction estimating. We can provide any or all of your estimating needs – detailed takeoff, accurate cost estimates and complete bid proposals to your clients. We will be your “behind the scenes” estimating team. This allows you to spend more time getting new work and impressing your existing clients with accurate and responsive pricing updates.

BRANDING: Have you been operating for a while without an internet presence? You are not alone. Many of our clients have been meaning to get around to creating their website, dedicated email address, and social media profiles, but have been too busy with the day to day operations. We can handle all of that for you with a simple, coordinated online presence and strategy. We can even create content for your company’s blog posts and Linkedin profile.

DRAFTING: Mosiem Consulting can draft simple conceptual, schematic, and design development drawings to show your client you understand their vision. We use Autocad to accurately draft your initial plans that can then be taken to your local building department or your licensed engineer to complete and stamp.


Founded in 2016, Mosiem Consulting has assisted small construction companies in raising their visibility, productiveness, and professionalism in their respective trades.

We’ve worked behind the scenes with asphalt companies, interior contractors, and small general contractors to help them look good for their current clients and get new business.

When we do our job well, our clients need us less and less. And then they refer us to their colleagues!

We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and help create even more success for your company.


Please let us know how we can help you succeed in your construction business by emailing Tamera:


THANK YOU! We look forward to working with you.